Tree Treatment

There are many different diseases that affect trees. Control of tree diseases cannot be properly accomplished until the disease pest is identified. Identification of tree diseases is crucial because, although most diseases can be controlled, there are some diseases that cannot be controlled. The arborist at JCE Tree Service is specially trained to detect such diseases and suggest the proper control for your situation on your property.

Disease control on trees can sometimes be accomplished by more than one method, depending on the particular disease that is infecting your trees. Fungicides are often used to control diseases on trees and fungicides may be sprayed, injected into the tree trunk, or even injected into the soil surrounding the roots of the tree. In certain cases such as with the Emerald Ash Borer, we can use an insecticide to control the borer as well as several other insects. In other cases, cultural changes, such as tree pruning, tree fertilization, or altering watering habits, may reduce disease infection on trees. Let the arborist at JCE Tree Service suggest the best method of disease control for your situation.”

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