Tree Inspection

Tree inspection

Whether you have one large tree near your house or numerous key trees, JCE Tree Service will offer you recommendations for your tree’s health and safety. A tree inspection usually lasts between 30-60 minutes and includes detailed written recommendations for follow-up services.

In general, the inspection will involve examining the entire tree, from roots to leaves and everything in between. The tree’s environment plays a critical role in the potential for tree failure. Most tree failures occur during or as a result of storms. Exposure to winds, lightning, and rainfall are all considered when making tree inspections. Other environmental factors such as soil conditions, slope, construction, and nearby trenching can also affect the likelihood of failure.

Almost all trees pose some risk of failure. As trees grow larger and more mature, the degree of risk increases. A thorough inspection of trees requires a fundamental knowledge of tree structure and physiology. It takes a trained eye to discern the difference between a minor flaw and a possible hazard. The arborists at JCE Tree Service are fully trained to evaluate the level of risk trees represent and make recommendations on reducing that risk.

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